SD6 Skin Disease

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  • SD6G
All processing materials are available on request. Size: 9 x 6,3 cm Wound: 8,1 x 5,5 cm... more
Product information "SD6 Skin Disease"

All processing materials are available on request.

Size: 9 x 6,3 cm
Wound: 8,1 x 5,5 cm

Handmade quality product
Store in a cool and dry place
Processing instructions enclosed in the package

This product is available in gelatin, silicone and bondo transfer.

Quick and easy to glue, can be made within a short time. Therefore ideal for short term orders. Protect from moisture and heat.
Ingredients: gelatine, color pigment

Particularly resistant, adapt perfectly to the shape of the body. Enclosed with cap skin, silicone prosthetics can be used without hesitation even in heat or underwater scenes. Heat and moisture resistant.
Ingredients: Encapsulated Platinum Silicone, color pigment.

Ideally suited for the stressful daily set routine: easy and quick to stick and reliably durable on the skin even on long shooting days.
Ingredients: Prosaide, color pigment

Since the production process of our prosthetics takes several days, we ask you to plan enough lead time before your shooting date, especially for larger orders.

Please note that each product is hand produced with individual care for its initial use. Therefore, and for hygienic reasons, no returns or refunds will be possible. Cancellations are no longer possible after an order has shipped. Please consider this before purchasing and thank you for your understanding.

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